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The Music

We have a live snippet you can listen to in the sidebar on the right and more are being added soon. All recordings we add to the site will be live recordings, so audio quality obviously won’t be as good as studio recordings or the real live show, but we’ve decided to do things this way because we feel it’s a more ‘honest’ way of presenting to you what we actually do as opposed to a sanitised version put tgether from 15 takes.

As for our playlist – it’s growing all the time, with a lively variety of some of the best music we all love, from artists (so far) such as…..

Lenny Kravitz
The Beatles
Elvis Presley
Judas Priest
Van Morrison
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Thin Lizzy
The Monkees

Foo Fighters
Ugly Kid Joe
Beastie Boys
The Specials
Spencer Davies Group
Kaiser Chiefs
Stevie Wonder

The Proclaimers
Robbie Williams
Bon Jovi
Tom Jones
Black Sabbath
Duran Duran
Status Quo
Kings Of Leon

ZZ Top
The Cult
Bryan Adams
Aerosmith/Run DMC
The Kinks

And more!