Didn’t we have a luvverly time the day we went to Hereford!

Hogarths Gin Palace in Hereford were celebrating their 1st birthday and we were invited along to give the crowd a good time. We’d travelled there in a great big van, which, as it turned out, was pretty pointless, seeing as Rob was making his own way from Derby, and the rest of us were only taking amps and drums – the PA etc was all supplied. So there we were, in a van the size of a house, with barely enough gear to fill the boot of a mini!

From the pictures we’d seen of Hogarths, it looked like a typical town centre ‘themed’ pub, so we weren’t sure if a live rock/pop cover band was going to be their cup of tea – usually, in the ‘Wetherspoons-style’ town centre pubs they’re more into their modern, crappy dance and rap sort of stuff, you know, ‘chewing gum for the ears’ kind of thing.

BUT (as usual) we were completely wrong!

The place was REALLY cool, with the coolest beer garden area I’ve ever seen, which is where we were playing. The large crowd of punters were a broad mix of ages, with none of the chavvy types you expect to see in town centre pubs on a Saturday afternoon – just really nice, normal people.

I’d gone in a kind of ‘straw’ Trilby type hat, which the lads took great pleasure in taking the mick out of. But when we got there EVERYBODY was wearing them! The pub was doing a cloudy cider promotion and was giving the hats out free with a pint! As the only ones therefore not wearing a hat, they looked a little out of place and so had to go buy a pint of cloudy cider. Serves ’em right!

Anyway, we went on at about 4pm, after a heavy metal band, which felt a little strange because we’re used to playing at night, usually to drunk people. Drunk people are MUCH easier to please, so we had to be on our game. We opened with Club Foot by Kasabian, and Molly’s Chambers by Kings Of Leon. It took the crowd a little while (and a little work on my part!) to get warmed into it, but once they did, they were fantastic, singing and dancing and joining me in playing the fool (which I’m pretty good at as it happens).

We had a real good time and at the end the crowd were shouting for more. We were really well looked after there and the sound engineer was an absolute pleasure to work with – a poor sound engineer, or one with bad attitude, can really ruin everything for a band, but luckily this guy really knew his beans and was a thoroughly nice chap.

Hopefully, we’ll get to go back again or get to play more of the pubs in the group.