On Sunday 27th August Frantic Banjo will be appearing at Ploughfest 2017 which will be held, as the name might suggest, at The Plough Inn on Plough Hill Road, Galley Common.

The annual event is held to raise money for the Birmingham Childrens Hospital, so it’s our perfect kind of gig – play music, drink beer, have a great time AND do something worthwhile for a very worthwhile cause. What could be better?

We’ll be coming into off the back of what we expect will be a wild old night at the Black Horse in Hinckley, so if we look a bit bedraggled, blame THEM!!

We’re on at around 4pm so do come down for some fun, music and general merriment. The pub also has an excellent restaurant, which I dare say I myself will be enjoying at some point in the day, so if you fancy your Sunday lunch at the same time, come on down.

Just don’t expect us to tone it down! If WE’VE got to suffer us, YOU ain’t getting off the hook either!