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About Frantic Banjo

live band covers band party band wedding band Frantic Banjo crowdFrantic Banjo are a four piece live covers band from Nuneaton, in the heart of the England.

Frantic Banjo are a live cover band for hire in the Midlands and beyond. Playing an eclectic mix of popular pop and rock music from some of the greatest artists, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether your event is a wedding, a party or a pub or club event, Frantic Banjo are a live band to suit all occasions.

The band have actually been around for a good few years in different guises, so they’ve all “been there, done that and bought the t-shirt”. The band has always been about a deep love of music first and foremost, and about friends getting together to give some of that passion to make others happy – it’s a joy not a job. The line ups may have changed over the years, but one thing that has always been at the heart of each and every band is the friendship, and the band like to believe that people feel this in their performances.

These performances are characterised by the energy and fun Frantic Banjo impart to their audiences. They’re not ‘the listening man’s’ outfit – they’re there to party and to take you on the white knuckle roller coaster ride with them! Don’t worry, there’s nothing to be afraid of – Frantic Banjo simply add a ‘rock’ energy to their live music that’ll get you singing and dancing all night long and if you don’t wake up the next morning with a sore throat and aching legs, you ain’t been doin’ it right! Entertainment is the business Frantic Banjo are in and they pride themselves on being able to deliver that in spades!

But enough of the ‘spiel’ – don’t be fooled into thinking these guys don’t take it seriously. Frantic Banjo have always taken the quality of their music VERY seriously and are as accomplished as musicians as they are performers. Over many years the band have honed their skills to impress as well as entertain. It’s just THEMSELVES they don’t take too seriously – “we enjoy having fun and entertaining people, having a good time and making new friends too”.

So, if you’re looking for a covers band – a party band, a wedding band or just a live band for a pub or club – to get you singing, dancing and partying, Frantic Banjo are the best, good value for money choice to give you a great time!

Have a look around the site, meet the band and see the kinds of music they offer, then hopefully you’ll want to get in touch and step into the crazy world of Frantic Banjo!